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Butt Implants: Las Vegas Body Sculpting - Call for pricing

Perk Up Your Posterior With Simple Implants

Butt implants are an excellent way to give your booty a little bit of an extra pop to accentuate your entire figure. A well-designed set of butt implants will not only add a shapeliness to your silhouette, but also increase the overall size of the buttocks. What’s better is that, if properly done, it’s almost impossible to tell the difference between a naturally lifted backside and one with implants! They look the same, they walk the same, and they even feel the same!

How Do Butt Implants Work?

Butt implants are oblong concave discs made of silicone that are implanted in between the butt cheeks through a small incision made during surgery. Silicone implants can be combined with fat grafting for a more natural look, combining the benefits of the Brazilian butt lift with the size augmentation of the implants. It takes about four weeks to recover, and sitting down may be difficult during this time. It is recommended to avoid long periods of sitting and strenuous glute exercises such as heavy squats. During these four weeks, the butt will start to take shape and take on a more natural appearance.

Is It The Same As A Brazilian Butt Lift?

No, a Brazilian butt lift is a different procedure that takes fat from other areas of the body and injects it into the buttocks. The brazilian butt lift works best when the desired effect is to have less fat in one area, and can only be performed on women who have enough body fat to begin with. Dr. Ahmed also performs the Brazilian butt lift procedure. If you’re interested in learning more, call 702-637-1958 to start your FREE consultation.

What Are The Risks Of Butt Implants?

Although buttock augmentation has a reputation for being highly risky and not recommended for most women, silicone implants are generally regarded as safe. Unlike other procedures that require injections and have a risk of rejection, silicone butt implants are placed in an incision between the butt cheeks. The most risky procedures for butt augmentation are hydrogel and silicone gel injections, which increase the size directly. A good surgeon will not provide these as augmentation options because the risks are simply too great. Of course, all butt augmentation has some level of risk, and risk is greatly mitigated when working with a surgeon with experience and a good reputation. Dr. Ahmed has years of experience doing this procedure and is one of the leading butt augmentation specialists in the Las Vegas area. Call 702-637-1958 and ask about a FREE consultation for butt implant surgery!