Brazilian Butt Lift

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Brazilian Butt Lift Las Vegas

Do you yearn for a rounder, fuller backside that balances your figure and turns heads? If so, a Brazilian butt lift from Mustafa Ahmed, MD, of Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic in Las Vegas can deliver outstanding results. To learn more about the procedure and what kind of results you can expect, schedule a one-on-one consultation today. You can book a visit online or by phone, so don’t delay.

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A Brazillian but lift is a procedure that transfers fat from one or more areas of your body and deposits those fat cells in your buttocks. It’s a great way to achieve a fuller, rounder, more voluminous bottom without the use of implants. 

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The procedure is named after the women of Brazil and their famed physiques featuring plenty of curves and a healthy, rounded butt. The beaches of Brazil are a testament to the genetic fortune Brazillian women enjoy, and a Brazillian butt lift can give you similar results.  

Because the process removes fat cells from targeted areas, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of more refined contouring in areas where you store excess fat. That makes a Brazillian butt lift a great value.  


You’ll receive medication to help you relax and keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. For the fat retrieval portion of the process, additional medication is introduced in a watery solution to reduce discomfort and aid fat removal. 

Fat cells are removed through liposuction, a procedure using a thin tube called a cannula to loosen and extract targeted fat cells. Suction or a syringe removes the fat from your body, where it’s prepared for reintroduction in the new location. 

Your provider then carefully injects the treated fat cells into the areas of your buttocks where additional volume and fullness is desired. Any incisions are closed, and you’ll rest in the recovery area for a few hours as your medication wears off. 

Recovery & Results

It takes a while for the transferred fat cells to “take” in their new position. You’ll need to wear a supportive surgical garment for a period of time and take care to change bandaging as directed to reduce the risk of infection. 

It’s also important to avoid placing undue pressure on your backside as the fat cells settle in. That means no prolonged sitting for two weeks or more. The best way to achieve optimal results is to prepare your home and schedule in advance so you can sit, sleep, and move through your normal routines without putting weight on your buttocks. 

To explore a Brazillian butt lift in more detail, call Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic or book an appointment online today.