Breast Augmentation

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Did you know that breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgery in the nation? For women living in Southern Nevada, the skill and experience of Mustafa Ahmed, MD, of Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic, translates into beautiful breast augmentation outcomes.

If you’re curious about the procedure, recovery process, or how breast augmentation can enhance your curves, schedule an appointment online or call to set up your visit today.

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Every woman has a unique set of reasons for pursuing breast augmentation. For some, the motivation is simply to have larger, fuller, more rounded breasts. Other women pursue breast augmentation to restore the shape they had before pregnancy and breastfeeding. 

Age-related changes can also prompt the decision to have breast augmentation. Because there are no muscles supporting your breasts, there is little that can be done to improve the firmness, volume, and position of breast tissue. Surgery is the only effective option to reshape and enhance the breast. 

Some women choose breast augmentation to reconstruct their breasts after surgery. Breast cancer treatment often requires removing a significant portion of breast tissue, and augmentation can restore fullness and symmetry.

No matter the reason, the decision to pursue breast augmentation is a personal one and a choice that each woman should make according to her own goals and desires. 


Breast augmentation works by surgically placing breast implants inside your existing breast tissue. You have a number of options when it comes to the material, shape, and degree of volume. 

Dr. Ahmed works with you to clearly define your treatment goals. That helps him guide you toward the implants best suited for your needs. Some implants are made of silicone, while others are made of a silicone shell filled with a saline solution. 

There are also different shapes available. Some implants are round, while others have more of a teardrop shape. There are pros and cons of each option, but Dr. Ahmed provides all the details you need to make an informed decision about which implants are right for you. 


Following your postsurgical care instructions is critical to the recovery process. You’ll receive an antibiotic to reduce the risk of infection and pain medication to manage discomfort. 

You should also take care to change your bandages and keep the area clean as instructed. Avoid strenuous activities and wear the provided support garment until your skin and underlying tissue has had a chance to heal.  

If you’re a smoker, find a smoking cessation program that works for you. Smoking deprives your cells of oxygen and impedes healing. Quitting in preparation for your surgery gives you a chance to enjoy a healthier life while you enjoy your new physique. 

To learn more about breast augmentation, book an appointment with Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic online or by phone today. If you’re curious about the procedure, recovery process, or how breast augmentation can enhance your curves, schedule an appointment online or call to set up your visit today.