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Butt Implants Las Vegas

A butt implant procedure is the perfect way to get a larger, more shapely butt. If you are unhappy with the shape of your butt, whether it is too small, too flat, or just not quite curvy enough, butt implants could be the ideal solution for you. 

Having a round and firm butt has become more and more popular by today’s beauty standards, and butt implants are the perfect course of action for achieving a beautiful behind. In fact, the number of patients receiving butt implants has grown rapidly over the last 20 years. Because of this popularity, the techniques and technology involved with butt implants are always improving. (1)

At Las Vegas Body Sculpting, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Mustafa Ahmed offers world-class butt implant procedures that will have your butt looking fabulous! For more information, call us at (702) 899-8100 or visit our contact page.


Butt implants can make your butt appear rounder and more voluminous. While exercise and dieting can help to improve the shape of your butt, they do not compare to the incredible effects of butt implants. The procedure will give you the results you want immediately, and add the volume you need to achieve an impressively shapely butt. 

A butt implant procedure involves a surgeon inserting silicone implants into or under the gluteal (butt) muscles. The implant increases the overall volume beneath the skin, making for a larger butt with a rounder shape.

butt implants procedure las vegas

The silicone implants used for butt implants are made of solid silicone. They are inserted into the buttocks through an incision typically made on the inside of the butt cheek. They can be round or oval-shaped, and typically range between 200-500 ml in size. The exact shape and size of your implants will depend on the goals you have for your butt. Your implants will also depend on your height and the size of your pelvis. 

It is important to consider what your full-body figure will look like once your butt implant procedure has been completed. We can customize your butt implants to make sure your new body will look natural and aesthetically pleasing.

Butt implants are permanent, so you can enjoy the results of your procedure for a considerable amount of time. While the effects of aging and other factors may affect the results, these processes are slow-going. They can be mitigated through proper care of the posterior region and a healthy diet and lifestyle.  


Butt implants will provide you with the butt you’ve always wanted. Having a rounder, perkier butt will help to accentuate your figure, increasing your sex appeal where it matters most.

Having a shapelier butt will also allow your clothes to fit better, properly filling in any type of bottom. Your butt’s beauty will shine in every context, whether you want to show off its wonderful shape in a bikini, or add an extra element of perkiness in a pair of jeans. 

Given how important having a curvaceous butt is nowadays, a butt implant procedure is sure to increase your self-confidence. 

Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate for a butt implant procedure is unsatisfied with the shape and size of their butt. If you have recently lost weight, you may have lost some of the volume and natural shape of your butt. Perhaps the natural condition of your butt is flatter than you would like, or it has too much of a square shape. You might also be a candidate if you feel that your butt does not match the curvature and volume of the rest of your body. Additionally, the effects of aging may have caused your butt to lose volume or sag. 

All of these conditions make for possible candidates for butt implants. Because the butt implant procedure is a form of cosmetic surgery, an ideal candidate will also be in good health, to avoid complications and ensure a speedy recovery. 


At your personal consultation, we can provide you with every detail you need to know about butt implants. We will review your medical history and the goals you have for your body. Depending on how much volume you want your new butt to have, we will determine the size and shape of your silicone implants. 

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed prizes customer satisfaction above all else, and your personal consultation is a crucial step in the process toward your desired body. To schedule your personal consultation, call (702) 899-8100 or fill out the form on this page.


In preparation for your butt implant, there are several steps you may need to take. We will assess your current health condition, which may involve taking a blood test. We may ask you to start or stop taking certain medications. You will be encouraged to stop smoking for some time before and after surgery, to optimize your health and recovery time. You should attempt to remain at a steady weight for the specifications of your butt implant to remain effective. 

It is important that you adhere to all of the recommended preparations. Following these recommendations will lead to a more successful butt implant procedure that can give you satisfying results.

Butt Implant Procedure

The butt implant procedure consists of several steps.

  • First, we will administer general anesthesia. The next step will commence once you are completely asleep.
  • An incision will be made on the peripheral of your butt cheek. Where this incision is made depends upon the condition of your butt and the ultimate goal of the procedure. 
  • Your surgeon will insert the silicone implant into or below your gluteal muscle, depending again on the predetermined conditions and goals of the procedure. 
  • Finally, in order to close the incision and begin the recovery process, your surgeon will suture the incisions closed.  


Recovering from a butt implant procedure can take up to four weeks. Immediately following your procedure, the incision areas will be bandaged. We will monitor your condition for a few hours before we determine that it is safe to send you home. 

Because of the natural effect that gravity has on your butt, you will have to wear a support garment for as long as your surgeon advises. Once you are home, you are encouraged to follow the recovery instructions given to you by your surgeon. Instructions may include how to take care of your incision sites, things to look for in your surgery site during recovery, and what medicines to take. 


The general result of your butt implant procedure, in terms of volume, will be immediately apparent. However, the true character of your new butt will not reveal itself for several months. It will take some time for the affected tissue to settle into its new position. Once the tissue has settled, your butt will be firmer and fuller.

If your health and weight remain constant, you should expect the effects of butt implants to last for a long time, as they are permanent.  

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

At Las Vegas Body Sculpting, we offer a Fat Transfer procedure in addition to butt implants. A fat transfer can relocate fat from one part of your body to another. In combination with butt implants, fat transfer can make your new and improved butt look more natural. 

Doctors have found that the combination of these procedures makes for a sturdier post-surgery butt that is less prone to complications.(2) With the addition of the reallocated fat on top of the silicone implant, we can make your butt look even more natural in its newfound shapeliness. Your surgeon can use the transferred fat to sculpt on top of your implants that have all the beautiful curvature and softness of a natural butt, but bigger! If you’d like to know more about the services we offer and what we’re up to, visit our blog!


Every butt implant procedure is based on the needs of the individual. To find out how much your butt implants will cost, along with other financial considerations, call (702) 899-8100 or contact us here.


Are butt implants permanent?

Butt implants do not need replacing or removal as long as you are happy with them. Although there is no expiration date, the effects of aging and weight change may have an effect on the aesthetic effect of your butt implants. In such cases, you can have your butt implants revised or replaced. 

Can you get a BBL after butt implants?

Yes, it is possible to receive a BBL after you get butt implants. In fact, it can be an aesthetic improvement, as the fat transfer of the BBL can make your butt look more natural. A post-butt implant BBL can fill in the gaps where the solid silicone implant could not affect the butt shape, improving the shape of your butt overall. 

Can you replace butt implants with larger implants?

You can replace butt implants with larger implants, though it is a decision that you should consider with care. Doctors recommend that you think long and hard about the size of implant that you want for your initial procedure. You should wait at least 6 months after your initial procedure. After 6 months you can be certain of the condition of your butt implants, as the swelling will have gone completely down. This also allows the skin and tissue of your butt to settle and stretch, which will make your second procedure safer and easier. 


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