Scarless Breast Implants 

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A scarless breast implant surgery is an innovative breast augmentation technique that enhances the breast profile without leaving visible scars on the breasts. This technique is known as transumbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) because it is performed by inserting an implant through a small incision in the umbilicus, or belly button. [1] The implant is safely guided beneath the subcutaneous fat layer and into the breast pocket, where it is then inflated to provide a noticeable size increase for the breasts. At Las Vegas Body Sculpting, a scarless breast augmentation with Dr. Mustafa Ahmed means significant results for the body and self-esteem. To see how you can benefit from these results, schedule an initial consultation in the exciting city of Las Vegas. Or call us at (702) 447-1257

About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation procedures, or “boob jobs,” have provided millions of women with improved confidence and curves. Before surgical treatments, many women boosted the size of their breasts by altering the cut and style of their clothes and resorting to uncomfortable undergarments. Then, in the early 20th century, cosmetic operations for the breast began to be performed. Unfortunately, the early instances of these surgeries used various implant materials that created mostly unsatisfactory results. In the 1960s, however, the procedure finally showed promise with the use of silicone implants, and later with saline implants, after women began experiencing high rates of capsular contracture from silicone implants.[1] Today, saline implants are even safer and have a beautifully realistic look and feel. Breast augmentation has helped many women reach their ideal aesthetic despite genetics, weight changes, pregnancy, or aging.

About Scarless Breast Implants

Las Vegas Body Sculpting scarless breast implants model.

Breast augmentation typically involves incisions in the inframammary crease, the armpit, or around the areola. These methods are the most commonly performed technique to insert synthetic implants and enhance breast size. Unfortunately, while these treatments have been helpful for many patients, they require incisions that take many months to heal and leave visible scars. However, in 1993, breakthroughs in breast augmentation introduced a new way to increase size without conspicuous scars: transumbilical breast augmentation. It was soon discovered the procedure had other benefits, including a quicker recovery time, less discomfort, and less chance of complications.

TUBA incisions are made on the upper inside edge of the belly button. This procedure is often also called a “belly button implant.” Two diagonal passageways are created safely above the muscle and beneath the subcutaneous fat. These stretch upwards from the navel to each breast and allow Dr. Ahmed to place empty, rolled-up implants in each breast. Once the implants reach the breast pocket, they will be secured in place either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle and filled with saline to the desired volume. 


Women wanting an alluring breast profile but who prefer not to have visible scars will benefit significantly from a scarless breast implant treatment. In addition, patients will see other advantages, including:

  • No incisions made on the breast 
  • Decreased chance of trauma to the breast tissue or milk ducts
  • Reduced risk of implant contamination, infection, or capsular contracture
  • A quick outpatient procedure with minimal discomfort
  • A faster recovery period than traditional breast augmentation


A scarless breast implant amplifies the breast volume with minimal incisions and faster procedure time. But, before we begin, it is essential to assess your eligibility and ensure this treatment can deliver your expected results. 

Ideal candidates in the Las Vegas Valley are:

  • Healthy women without breast-related concerns such as cancer
  • Looking for a moderate increase in breast size and shape 
  • Non-smokers or willing to stop before the procedure and during their recovery period
  • Not currently pregnant or nursing a child
  • Willing to diligently follow recovery instructions

Personal Consultation with Dr. Ahmed

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed is a passionate triple board-certified surgeon dedicated to providing excellent patient outcomes and pursued additional training in order to perform TUBA procedures safely and successfully. This is not the case with all surgeons that offer this procedure! Dr. Ahmed created Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic to offer patients a one-of-a-kind experience inside an ultramodern office in the Paradise area of Las Vegas. 

Your consultation the chance to have a two-way discussion about how you can benefit from the procedure. You’ll have the chance to talk about your concerns after a brief patient interview and physical examination. After he learns more about your preferences, you’ll discuss your ideal breast size and Dr. Ahmed will show you how the procedure works. If a TUBA is right for you, we’ll make an appointment for your treatment.

To start the process, call us at (702) 447-1257 to schedule an initial consultation. Or, you can reserve your meeting with Dr. Ahmed by using our easy contact form


A few preparation items will ensure a seamless treatment. Please remember to complete them before surgery. Dr. Ahmed may direct patients to:

  • Abstain from smoking to ensure a smooth recovery.
  • Adjust medications 
  • Pick up the medication needed to help with post-surgical symptoms. 
  • Kindly ask someone to pick you up from our care once the surgery ends. 
  • Take a week off from work to focus on healing.

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While in the treatment room, patients will receive anesthesia to optimize their comfort. Once it has taken effect, a small incision (about 2 cm) is made with round-tip scissors inside the belly button. [2] He will then delicately guide a slender tool between the rectus fascia, the layer of tissue that covers the abdominal muscles and subcutaneous fat to create passageways towards each breast. [2] After the passage to the breast is ready, a tissue expander is moved upwards through the tunnel into the future home of the implant. It is then filled with saline to create symmetrical breast pockets at the required size in each breast. After being deflated and withdrawn, a deflated implant is navigated towards the breast pocket. An endoscope in inserted at various stages during the surgery to ensure that both the tunnel and the devices are correctly placed. Once the implant is secured in place, it is inflated to the desired dimensions with sterile saline solution. [3] The valve on the implant will automatically seal shut when the filling tubes are removed. Finally, Dr. Ahmed will close the navel incision with dissolvable sutures and place a compression garment over the treated areas.

Recovery and Results

Because TUBA is minimally invasive, patients experience fewer side effects and a shorter recovery. However, it is still important to get plenty of rest and follow your post-op instructions to ensure your healing progresses quickly. For the first week or so, patients can expect some soreness, discoloration, and swelling. Most patients see a vast improvement in their symptoms after two weeks, at which point the implants have settled into place. You’ll return for follow-up appointments, during which Dr. Ahmed will assess your progress and advise you as to when you can return to more strenuous activities and workouts.

Once your recovery is complete, it’s time to celebrate! Your new long-lasting contours will positively impact your body image, confidence, and wardrobe!

Corresponding & Complementary Procedures 

Your consultation is your opportunity to address the aesthetic issues that matter to you. During your discussion, other treatments may be suggested, including:

  • Traditional Breast Augmentation: Despite making incisions around the breast, traditional breast augmentation techniques are beneficial for patients who want more choices in increasing their breast size, such as opting for silicone implants. 
  • Breast Lift: A lift is another breast contouring treatment that restores a breast aesthetic affected by aging, pregnancy, or nursing. Excess skin and fat are removed during surgery, and the breasts are placed higher on the chest for a shapelier, more youthful appearance. When paired with an augmentation treatment, patients will see a dramatic overhaul of the breasts’ shape and size.

Cost for Scarless Breast Implants in Las Vegas

Pricing for scarless breast implants varies between patients. Our staff will brief you more on these concerns at the initial meeting with Dr. Ahmed. You can also reach us directly at (702) 447-1257 to get a preliminary quote. 


What is the difference between a scarless breast augmentation and the other breast augmentation surgeries?

A scarless breast augmentation only requires an incision in the belly button to insert the implant. Patients preferring not to have incisions or scarring around the breasts prefer this approach. 

Can I choose the size of my implants with a scarless breast implant?

Patients will be able to choose the size of their new implants, which are filled after being inserted. While TUBA does place some limitations on the size of implants, your surgeon will be able to counsel you as to how best achieve your desired dimensions.


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