Chin Implants

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Chin Implants Las Vegas

Chin implants are a customizable solution to add definition and stronger contours to the lower third of your face. Although the implant is small, it can completely change your face’s profile and appearance. Dr. Mustafa Ahmed and his staff at Las Vegas Body Sculpting offer chin implants because they provide a solution for what is known as a “weak chin”. Many chin implant patients come back to us and report that their new chin has completely changed their facial appearance and, subsequently, their overall self-confidence. To see how chin implants can revamp your face’s profile, please schedule a personal consultation or give us a call at (702) 447-1257.

Animation – Facial Implants – Chin

A Chin Implant Procedure

Chin implants are a great solution for people who experience:[1]

  • A weak chin caused by microgenia
  • Soft tissue deficiency in the mandible 
  • Volume loss from jowls

To begin your chin implant procedure, Dr. Ahmed will first perform a small, elliptical incision either under the chin or inside the mouth, just below the lower gums.[2] From this incision, he will carefully construct a pocket in the chin area. Before inserting the implant, he will shape and mold it to your desired measurements. Next, he will fasten the implant to your mandible bone with titanium screws. Once he is complete, he will suture the wound and wrap the chin in a compression bandage. 

Personal Consultation

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed is committed to your overall safety and satisfaction during your time spent in his care. During your consultation, he will take as much time as necessary to understand your ideal aesthetic. Since chin implants are not a “one-size-fits-all” procedure, discerning your ideal facial aesthetics will be paramount for Dr. Ahmed and his expert team. He will examine your chin and ask how you wish it appeared naturally. Then, he will note your desired measurements. Finally, since chin implants are easily complemented with other facial aesthetic surgeries, Dr. Ahemd will ask about any other areas of concern before constructing your personalized treatment plan. To begin this process, please schedule a personal consultation or call our front desk directly at (702) 447-1257.


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