Upper Lip Lift

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An upper lip lift is a simple surgical procedure where the upper lip is repositioned to erase signs of aging around the mouth. Through genetics and intrinsic aging, the appearance of our lips may not appear the way we want them to. There may be vertical lines jutting up from our lips or wrinkles surrounding the upper corners of our mouth. While dermal fillers and other injections can promote a fuller appearance in your lips and erase these wrinkles, these results are only temporary and need semi-annual maintenance for retention. However, with an upper lip lift, you can see better, longer-lasting results that don’t require routine repeat sessions.[2] Dr. Mustafa Ahmed, the founder and lead aesthetic physician of Las Vegas Body Sculpting, is proud to offer his Las Vegas clients this simple, yet effective, remedy for an aging upper lip. If you are interested in learning more about how an upper lip lift can rejuvenate your facial appearance, please schedule a personal consultation at our Las Vegas offices. To reach our front desk directly, our number is (702) 447-1257.

Upper Lip Lift Procedure

Whether due to aging or genetics, the skin between the upper lip and the nose can be wide, causing the lips to appear thin. Also, over time, wrinkles can sprout on all sides of your lips. By minimizing the amount of skin that rests between the upper lip and the nose, Dr. Ahmed can smooth out the wrinkles and lift the upper lip to a perkier, younger appearance. He begins by making a discreet incision along the crease below the nostrils and septum. This crease will naturally camouflage any visible scarring.[1] Then, he will gently pull the upper lip towards the nose until he achieves the desired aesthetic. Next, he will excise the necessary tissue and make his final adjustments before carefully suturing the incision. Once you have healed and the swelling has subsided, you will notice that the wrinkles and fine lines that have danced around your mouth for years have vanished. Your upper lip will look fuller, more luscious, and youthful. Now, you are free to look exactly how you feel: young and radiant!

A Personal Consultation with Dr. Ahmed

Dr. Ahmed is a triple board-certified physician who specializes in aesthetic care. During your consultation, Dr. Ahmed will work with you to outline your desired appearance and then walk you through which one of our services he recommends. If you are interested in learning how Las Vegas Body Sculpting can help you achieve your ideal appearance, please schedule a consultation or call our offices at (702) 447-1257 today!


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