Who Needs Vaginal Rejuvenation?

If your sex life is suffering because of stretching from childbirth, hormonal changes, or even changes to the exterior appearance of your vagina, the team at Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic can help. 

Board-certified physician Mustafa Ahmed, MD, understands the issues women face as their bodies change, and his expertise and skill with vaginal rejuvenation help women in and around Las Vegas, Nevada, reclaim their sexual health. 

Take a moment to learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and who can benefit from the treatments it offers.

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation isn’t one treatment but encompasses several corrective treatments for the vagina. To ensure a lasting fix, Dr. Ahmed surgically corrects issues many women experience.

Here’s a closer look at three vaginal rejuvenation services:


Vaginoplasty is a type of vaginal rejuvenation surgery performed to tighten your vagina. During your vaginoplasty, Dr. Ahmed removes extra vaginal tissues and performs repairs to separated or weak vaginal muscles. 

This procedure may be right for you if you’re experiencing a lack of tightness in the vaginal canal after childbirth or because of the aging process. After your surgery, you have a tighter vaginal canal.


Labiaplasty is a type of surgical vaginal rejuvenation performed on your vaginal lips. While it’s more common to treat the labia minora (inner lips), you can also undergo labiaplasty to enhance your outer lips (labia majora).

This surgery works well for women hoping to improve the size or symmetry of their labia, or to create a “tucked in” appearance. It’s also a good procedure for women suffering from pain or chafing due to longer labia.

Clitoral hood reduction

All women have a clitoral hood, skin that covers the clitoris. But for some women, excess skin makes it more difficult to experience orgasms. During a clitoral hood reduction, Dr. Ahmed removes the extra folds of skin. We frequently combine this procedure with a labiaplasty. 

Who needs vaginal rejuvenation?

Your body creates hormones in the ovaries that help keep your vaginal skin thick, healthy, moist, and elastic. 

If pregnancy, menopause, or a hormone balance has interrupted your estrogen production, chances are you’ve noticed changes in your vagina. Childbirth exacerbates these changes by stretching and tearing the vaginal canal. 

When these changes interfere with your daily life, it may be time to consider vaginal rejuvenation. These vaginal changes include:

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Thinning of the vaginal tissues
  • Lack of elasticity and tone in the vagina
  • Changes in the external appearance of the genitalia

The results of these changes can make sex less pleasurable, even painful. For some women, vaginal changes can make it difficult to insert feminine products. 

Women may choose different vaginal rejuvenation treatments based on their needs, and it’s possible to combine more than one type of rejuvenation. Dr. Ahmed reviews your medical history and conducts a physical exam before recommending a treatment plan for you. 

Learn more about vaginal rejuvenation and whether it’s right for you by calling Las Vegas Body Sculpting, or request an appointment online.

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