Fat Transfer: The Best of Both Worlds

Do you wish you had plumper lips or more defined cheekbones? Do you dream of fuller breasts or a rounder derriere? Instead of turning to fillers or implants, a fat transfer offers a more natural solution. And there’s a bonus: Fat transfers get rid of your problem areas as they add enhancements where you need them.

At Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic, we deliver the most innovative cosmetic treatments available to men and women in Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of our comprehensive lineup of services, board-certified surgeon Mustafa Ahmed, MD, is pleased to offer fat transfers

Read on to learn how a fat transfer can give you the best of both worlds.

What is a fat transfer?

Have you ever wished you could take the excess fat from one area and move it to another that could use a little enhancement? Today’s modern fat transfers allow you to do just that. Dr. Ahmed uses fat from one part of your body to enhance the appearance of another area.

Originally used in 1893 to treat unwanted scars, fat transfers have benefited in recent years from advanced technological innovations to become a popular cosmetic treatment for areas such as: 

  • Breasts
  • Hips
  • Face
  • Buttocks

Dr. Ahmed can even apply it to sensitive areas, like your hands and feet, which lose volume as your connective tissues shrink with age. 

How do fat transfers work?

During your fat transfer, Dr. Ahmed extracts the fat from unwanted areas on your body using liposuction. This process involves using a thin tube, or cannula, to gently suck fat from the target area, most commonly your hips, thighs, or stomach. 

Next, Dr. Ahmed processes the extracted fat to remove excess fluid, dead skin cells, and other debris from the viable tissue. Dr. Ahmed then injects the processed fat into the areas you want to enhance, adding curves and volume where needed most. 

During the procedure, you receive medications to keep you comfortable and relaxed. A local anesthetic is often enough for low-volume fat transfers, while general anesthesia may be needed for large-volume fat transfers. 

This innovative cosmetic technique provides natural-looking results and eliminates unwanted fat at the same time — giving you the best of both worlds.

Is a fat transfer right for me?

Fat transfers are a good option for many people. Dr. Ahmed recommends fat transfers to address a wide range of cosmetic issues, including:

  • Rejuvenating your appearance by adding volume to your face
  • Reducing the appearance of tissue damage or scars 
  • Enhancing facial definition by plumping your lips or cheeks
  • Increasing breast size or correcting existing asymmetry
  • Improving your silhouette with hip or buttocks augmentation
  • Eliminating wrinkles on your feet or hands

If you’re a breast cancer survivor, a fat transfer can also repair radiation damage and scar deformities in your breasts after lumpectomies or reconstructive surgery.

What can I expect after a fat transfer?

Since Dr. Ahmed only needs to make incisions when harvesting your cells with liposuction, you recover faster and are able to resume your normal activities sooner. 

Immediately following the procedure, you may notice the treatment areas look lumpy. Dr. Ahmed overfills the area when he injects your purified fat, because some of the injected fat cells are reabsorbed by your body, resulting in a slight loss of volume over time.

You may experience mild discomfort, swelling, and bruising after your treatment, but this typically fades within a few days. Recovery time varies depending on the volume of fat transferred, but generally Dr. Ahmed recommends rest for about one week while you heal. 

In about 4-6 weeks, you see noticeable results. And they continue to improve over the following months as the new tissues get established in the treatment areas.

Are you ready to have the best of both worlds with a fat transfer? Contact Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic for a free consultation or request an appointment online now.

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