Help! My Breasts Are Sagging

Have you noticed clothes fitting you differently in the chest area after pregnancy or as you’ve gotten older? Sagging breasts not only make you feel less confident in your appearance, but they can affect your clothing and bathing suit options as well.

At Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic, we have a solution: breast lift surgery. Unlike breast augmentation surgery, a breast lift doesn’t increase your cup size. Instead, it addresses sagging breast tissue, one of the most common concerns women have after pregnancy or as they age.

Board-certified surgeon Mustafa Ahmed, MD, has the experience and expertise to restore the shape and position of your breasts and nipples, giving you back the body of your younger or pre-pregnancy years. 

Read on to learn more about breast lifts and whether one may be right for you.

What is a breast lift?

breast lift is a type of surgery that lifts your breasts into a position that best suits your figure. When completed by an expert with experience in breast lifts, this surgery can give you a more youthful silhouette that can make your clothes and bathing suits fit better. 

Dr. Ahmed meets with you to discuss your goals and help set realistic expectations. He designs an incision pattern he uses during surgery to give you the best results possible. Once the contouring and positioning are complete, Dr. Ahmed removes the excess skin. 

He then resizes and repositions your areola and nipple to match the new position and shape of your breasts. When your recovery is complete, you have firmer, perkier breasts that improve your figure. 

How do I know if a breast lift is for me?

After Dr. Ahmed reviews your medical history and discusses your unique needs, he can recommend the right treatment or combination of treatments to help you reach your goals.

Here are some of the most common reasons women choose to undergo breast lift surgery:

1. Losing the shape of your breasts 

Many women notice the shape of their breasts changes as a result of losing weight, having a baby, or getting older. If you’re concerned that your breasts are unshapely, a breast lift can help.

2. Flat or elongated breasts

If your breasts have flattened or elongated over the years, your nipples may point downward or fall beneath the crease of your breast. This can make finding flattering clothes and swimsuits a challenge. 

3. Stretched or sagging skin on your breasts

Removing excess or stretched-out skin restores your breasts’ fullness and perkiness, giving you a more youthful, aesthetically pleasing figure. What’s more, removing excess skin also helps swimsuits and bras fit better. 

4. Uneven breasts 

If your breasts are asymmetrical — one breast is positioned lower than the other — a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Ahmed can reconstruct your breast tissue during your breast lift, giving you more even, shapely breasts. 

What about a PRP breast lift?

PRP breast lift uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP), made from your own blood. Platelets contain growth factors that promote healing and cell turnover. Harnessing the power of platelets requires no incisions, no lengthy recovery, and no special preparation.

A PRP breast lift doesn’t significantly solve the issues that a surgical solution can, such as increasing breast size, improving breast shape, or addressing sagging or asymmetrical breasts. It also isn’t a permanent solution.

Instead, a PRP breast lift helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, and even stretch marks. After a PRP breast lift, your breast tissue is fuller and firmer. Follow-up sessions are required to maintain your results. 

If you’re sick of sagging breasts and want to know if a breast lift is right for you, call Dr. Ahmed at our Las Vegas, Nevada, office or request an appointment online now.

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