How To Get a Snatched Waist

A snatched waist is a contoured, slender waist that promotes a feminine hourglass figure. Sometimes, diet and exercise is not enough to achieve this look. With a busy work life, kids, the aging process, and genetics, a flattering waist isn’t quite attainable for some.

However, with the help of the surgical technology behind procedures like VASER Hi Def Lipo, 360 liposuction, and tummy tucks, you can flaunt a snatched waist that will turn heads! What matters most, though, is feeling comfortable and confident in your own body. 

Dr. Mustafa Ahmed at Las Vegas Body Sculpting can help your dream of a snatched waist become a reality. As a triple-board certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Ahmed carefully balances his aesthetic skill with compassionate care and professionalism. His expertise has made him one of the most well-known and trusted bariatric surgeons in Southern Nevada. Submit an online request for a consultation or call his practice at (702) 447-1257, and we will listen intently to your cosmetic goals and help you discuss your procedure options in detail. 

About Abdominal Fat

Excess fat in the abdominal region is not easy to deal with. There is a reason that people refer to it as “stubborn” belly fat. Belly bulges and excess fat in the flanks can form for a number of reasons; everything from pregnancy, to getting older, to your natural body structure can contribute to its development. 

The fat in this area and any fat that develops under the skin is subcutaneous, while the fat that surrounds the organs is visceral. While both types of fat can be harmful to your health, only subcutaneous fat can be removed with a cosmetic procedure. This type makes up about 90% of a person’s total fat, so its impact is significant. 

Among overweight women, excess body fat is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and insulin resistance. (1) While cosmetic surgeries can be tools for reducing unwanted body fat, they are not solutions for achieving significant weight loss. Still, cosmetic surgery can help people feel satisfied in their bodies so that they take better care to maintain their results as well as their health. 

Procedures for a Slimmer Waist

What is 360 Liposuction? 

Dr. Ahmed’s 360 liposuction procedure is a specific technique that sculpts your midsection from all angles. While using the VASER device, he targets belly bulges, flanks, and back fat, making this the optimal method for getting an all-around snatched waist! It also helps promote a more uniform look because it takes into consideration these other areas of fat. 360 lipo is a highly customizable procedure that takes into account your unique body shape. 

What is VASER Hi Def Lipo?

VASER Hi Def Lipo is a highly advanced form of liposuction used in 360 liposuction. It utilizes ultrasound vibrations to better extract fat. While it is only performed on patients with a BMI of 30 or under, VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance) can be used in any area of the body with unwanted fat, but it’s a popular technique that reduces belly fat and enhances abdominal muscles. 

During this procedure, the patient is placed under general anesthesia. Then, a solution called tumescent fluid is injected into the midsection. This fluid contains lidocaine to provide a numbing effect and epinephrine to make the fat easy to extract and prevent bleeding. Next, Dr. Ahmed only makes one discreet incision of a few millimeters so the VASER device can precisely suction fat cells. 

VASER settings can be adjusted to adapt to fattier areas as well as areas that require more delicate sculpting. By precisely focusing in between each abdominal muscle, he recreates more definition when the final results settle in- this is what makes VASER unique from other forms of liposuction. After he is finished sculpting, he will place a small suture at the entry point of the device. The entire procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete. 

What is a Tummy Tuck? 

A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty, not only creates a flat midsection for patients, but it also restores abdominal muscles and tightens loose skin. Dr. Ahmed can perform two forms of the procedure: the mini-tummy tuck and the full tummy tuck. In order to perform a full tummy tuck, Dr. Ahmed administers general anesthesia. He then makes a horizontal incision directly above the pubic area that extends to both hip bones. This way, any scar that forms can be easily hidden beneath the waistline of clothing bottoms. He will also make another circular incision that surrounds the navel.  He will then remove excess fat, loose skin, and suture the core muscles so that they heal stronger. This procedure is popular among women who have undergone pregnancy and have experienced diastasis recti, a weakening and separation of the abdominal muscles. Cosmetically, they can help boost confidence, but they have also been shown to help treat incontinence, another issue that arises after pregnancy. (2)

A mini-tummy tuck works best for patients who only have a small “pooch” of fat under the navel. With this less intense procedure, the patient can opt to receive local anesthesia with sedation. It follows the same principles as the full tummy tuck, but there is no incision around the navel, muscles are not tightened, and less tissue is removed. 

Which is Right For Me: 360 Lipo or Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tucks are intense procedures for the removal of fat and the correction of skin laxity and abdominal muscular issues. They are often performed on people who have lost a significant amount of weight or who have undergone pregnancy. 360 liposuction is minimally invasive and targets fat deposits from all angles of the midsection. 360 liposuction is more suited to those with good skin elasticity who want to sculpt and trim off fat. 

Preparation Steps

To prepare for liposuction or a tummy tuck, you will need to be at or near your ideal weight. A doctor-approved diet and exercise plan can help you stay near your ideal BMI while also helping you form good habits to maintain the results of your lipo or tummy tuck procedure. As part of this preparation, you should also limit your alcohol consumption, since it’s associated with increased abdominal fat. (3) 

Dr. Ahmed will review your current medications and supplements and advise you to stop taking blood thinners and certain anti-inflammatories to prevent excessive bleeding during your procedure. If you are a smoker, you will be required to quit at least 4 to 6 weeks before your surgery, so that your blood circulation isn’t negatively affected during your recovery. 


After your procedure, you will need someone to drive you home. You may be prescribed medications to help you deal with soreness in the coming days. With a tummy tuck, you may have a drain to help your body rid itself of fluid buildup and swelling. With a normal recovery, this drain is only required for a few days, then it is removed at a follow-up appointment. After around a week, you should engage in light exercise to promote blood flow and proper healing. With both liposuction and tummy tucks, compression garments are prescribed for patients to wear for several weeks, but you should be able to return to work after 2 weeks of downtime. 

Personal Consultation

Your goals of having a slender, snatched waist are just one personal consultation away. Dr. Ahmed is skillful in his ability to listen to patients’ desires and come up with a cosmetic plan that suits their aesthetic vision. Call his office in Las Vegas at (702) 447-1257 or fill out our online contact form to find out if an abdominal contouring procedure is right for you. You can also read through his blog to further educate yourself on other procedures offered.

Cost of Liposuction in Las Vegas, Nevada

The cost of your body contouring procedure will depend on what type of liposuction or tummy tuck you receive and the extent of your cosmetic changes. With a personal consultation, you can receive an accurate estimate for your procedure. In addition, Dr. Ahmed will inform you of payment plans that may work for you. 


Which procedure can give you a snatched waist?

360 liposuction is the best, minimally invasive procedure for getting a snatched waist because it involves the removal of fat from the belly, flanks, and back. Other types of liposuction procedures may only target the front of the midsection. 

How long do the results of liposuction and tummy tucks last?

The results of your liposuction procedure can last a lifetime if properly maintained with regular diet and exercise. As long as you don’t gain weight or become pregnant, your results are likely to endure for many years. 

Do tummy tucks leave scars?

Tummy tucks require larger incisions than liposuction, so they can leave a horizontal scar from hip-to-hip. Within a year, the scar from your tummy tuck will have faded significantly. Applying scar creams and/or silicone gel sheets, and eating a diet with adequate amounts of protein will help your scar fade even more. 


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