Why Breast Reduction Has Among the Highest Satisfaction Rates of All Cosmetic Surgeries

Does your large breast size negatively impact the way you look and feel? At Las Vegas Body Sculpting and Aesthetic, we understand the problems disproportionate breasts can cause, from sports to sex to everyday activities. That’s why board-certified surgeon Mustafa Ahmed, MD, offers breast reduction surgery as part of our comprehensive lineup of services to men and women in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Women and men who undergo breast reduction are among the happiest of all cosmetic surgery patients, with over 95% of women satisfied with their results. If you’re contemplating breast reduction surgery, read on to learn why satisfaction ratings for this procedure are so high!

Reason #1: Physical freedom

Let’s face it: Large breasts are heavy. The added weight from excess breast tissue can cause physical strain on your back, shoulders, neck, and chest. What’s more, large breasts can interfere with your ability to be physically active, preventing you from playing sports and exercising, and even interfering with sex.

Reducing your breast size allows you to experience physical freedom as you feel less restricted by the size of your chest. Decreasing your breast size also helps improve your posture, which helps avoid chronic pain or health problems down the line.

Reason #2: Emotional comfort

Unfortunately, if you have large breasts you’re more likely to have been teased, bullied, or sexually harassed. People sometimes assume large-breasted women are promiscuous because of the way they look or the way clothes fit. For men with large breasts, the teasing can be endless. 

Breast reduction surgery offers relief and comfort for people suffering from years of emotional distress, allowing you to navigate your daily life without fear of being ridiculed, taunted, or harassed.

Reason #3: A lift in the right direction

Like everything else, heavy breasts are impacted by gravity. Over time, large breasts sag and pull more quickly. While you may think of breast reduction as only about removing excess tissue, the procedure also includes lifting the breast. This part of the procedure helps Dr. Ahmed customize your skin to best fit the reduced breast tissue. The result? Perky, natural-looking breasts without loose skin.

Reason #4: Clothes actually fit!

If you’re a man or woman with large breasts, you know how difficult it can be to find shirts, bras, coats, and other clothes that fit correctly. With breast reduction surgery, shopping can become enjoyable as you find that you have more options when it comes to clothing. Breast reduction helps improve your physical proportions, meaning off-the-rack clothes actually fit!

Reason #5: Boosted self-confidence

When you have excessive breast tissue, it’s common for your self-confidence to suffer. Low self-esteem can hold you back at work or in social settings, negatively impacting the quality of your life. Breast reduction surgery helps you feel better about the way you look on the outside, which can dramatically improve the way you feel on the inside, boosting self-confidence. 

Ready to learn more about breast reduction surgery?

To find out if a breast reduction is right for you, Dr. Ahmed, a triple board-certified physician, answers your questions and evaluates your overall health. He works with you to help create reasonable expectations so you feel comfortable about the procedure. If you’re interested in learning more about breast reduction surgery, call our Las Vegas office or request an appointment online now!

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