Why Facelifts For Younger Patients Are Exploding in Popularity

The facelift is a cosmetic procedure that has been around for decades. It’s most well known for being a procedure that older celebrities undergo when they wish to look younger. Most facelifts are done on patients over the age of 55.

However, more and more younger patients are choosing to get facelifts done. These patients may just be starting to see signs of aging. It turns out that getting a facelift when you’re younger isn’t that bad of an idea for several reasons.

The reasons for cosmetic surgery are varied and complex, but usually, the reason why people get a facelift is to eliminate signs of aging. If younger people don’t experience nearly as many signs of aging, then why are so many of them opting to get facelifts?

Why Are Facelifts For Younger Patients More Popular Now?

Reason #1: Facelifts Do More Than Correct Signs of Aging

Most people associate facelifts with older patients, particularly older women. However, facelifts are more than just a way to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin associated with aging.

Genetics play a major factor in skin elasticity. Some younger women notice that they have drooping jowls, sagging in the cheeks, and loose skin in their neck. These issues may not be associated with aging.

Another excellent use for facelifts is for patients who have recently lost a significant amount of weight and are seeing sagging skin in their neck and jawline area.

Reason #2: Facelifts Done Early Provide More Natural Results

If you’re a woman who is concerned with looking good for as long as possible, and you are considering cosmetic surgery as an option to do so, you will not want to wait until you’re 60 to get a facelift. Someone who is 60 will likely want to look 40 when they get their facelift. Although this is possible, it may be a bit jarring.

Getting a facelift when you’re younger will not necessarily “turn back the clock”, but it can be a great way to preserve your youthful appearance for years to come.

Best of all, facelifts don’t need to be done more than once every decade, except for an additional refresher facelift after a few years.

Reason #3: Facelifts Done Early Are Easier to Recover From & Are Less Risky

The facelift is not a very risky procedure, however immediate side effects may include bruising, scarring, and pain. Getting a facelift early reduces these side effects. They’re also easier to recover from for two reasons. First, older patients take longer to recover from surgery due to their age. Second, the procedure isn’t as complex when you don’t have nearly as much sagging skin.

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